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I-94 Renewal at US-Mexico Border locations

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Updated : Jul 28th 2020

Renewing i-94 at US-Mexico border locations (Brownsville, Laredo, San Diego etc., )

It can be done at any POE locations.(US-Mexico (or) US-Canada)

Scenario 1)

Your I-94 was given with less validity than your current I-797 validity due to your old passport when you entered into USA during your last trip outside of USA, 
Now you might have renewed your passport. You might need to renew your i-94 after passport renewal. (Either you apply for I-94 renewal through USCIS - which might take more time (or) fastest way is to cross US Mexico Border and come back.

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Sharing information about I-94 Renewal at US Mexico Border locations.

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Hi All,
Just wanted to update this post and let you wonderful people who had tried to help me about the status of my I-94.
The option I took for my case was I went to US - Mexico border for my I-94 extension,
(Tijuana (Near San Diego, California) or Nuevo Laredo, Near Laredo Texas or (Matamoros, Near Brownsville (Texas), whatever is near to you.
Experience at Brownsville, Texas - Matamoros Mexico Border : (Info from 2019)
Prior to reaching there I filed out an online form and paid an amount of 6$ for the application.
When I reached there I was asked to cross US border over to Mexico and come back so that I can get my I-94 extended. After I crossed the border and comeback in. There was no questions asked by the officer at the counter where I stood for the extension and got it right away.
Infact when I made the entry through land Port Of Entry an office asked me what was the reason for my visit to US and when I said I-94 extension he showed me the way where to go to get the paper work done.
Nice, Plain and Simple.. Hassle Free.
Experience at Laredo, Texas - Nuevo Laredo Mexico Border : (Info from Jul 2020)

Experience at San Diego, California - Tijuana Mexico Border : (Info from Jul 2020)


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