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Emergency Visa Appointments in Mexico for US Visa Holders working in Frontline/Hospitals during current COVID situation

If you are a Physician / Working / Planning to work in Hospital / FrontLine / Doing Research for COVID Drug / during current COVID situation & Living currently in USA,

(or) If you fall under below category You are eligible for Emergency visa appointment even during current COVID situation. (Many of our clients whom we paid visa fee attended visa interviews in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico City,  Hermosillo, Tijuana for Emergency visa interviews. 

US Embassy in Mexico Official website that has info about Emergency visa appointment (Official Link at bottom)

The following situations may qualify you for an Emergency Appointment:
  • A medical emergency,
  • Death of an immediate family member(Father,Mother,Spouse/Kid etc.,)
  • A business emergency - That has critical business Impact 
  • U-Non-immigrant visa applicants
  • Student visas F, M & J.
You may request an expedited appointment.
you are eligible for applying to renew your existing B1, J1, H1B, O1, Any US Visa etc., in Mexico through Emergency appointment.

Also if you are a F1, J1 medical student, , O1 you are good to renew your F1, J1, O1 visa in Mexico through Emergency appointment.(Info Based on few clients who renewed their J1 visa in Mexico in May/ Jun 2020)

If you are changing from B1/B2 to J1, H4 to J1, J to O, H1B to O1 etc., to be eligible to work in Hospital to serve patients directly or indirectly through working in any Hospital - you are good to request Emergency appointment in Mexico.

Usually Mexico allows same visa category renewals during regular period, but due to this COVID - to enable every visa worker who are capable of helping / serving patients - They are allowing even change of visa category stamping by giving you an option to apply for emergency visa interview. (Provided you work at Frontline / Hospitals during current COVID situation)


This information is based on our clients who attended emergency visa appointments 

Few of our clients were able to apply for emergency appointment & attended visa interview & finished biometrics / visa interview same day & got the passport same day / Next day as visa interview in few locations.

Locations where we found most of our clients attended recently in June/ May 2020 are 

US-Mexico Border City :you don't need any visa to enter into Mexico)

1) Nuevo Laredo 

Interior location - you need some sort of valid Mexican/Canadian/Japan/Schengen/European visa ) to directly fly to Interior location of Mexico.

1) Mexico City (Interior location)

2) Hermosillo (Interior location)

June 8th 2020 :
One client attended for H4 to J1 stamping in Nuevo Laredo(About to work in a Hospital),
got fingerprints & visa interview done at 8 AM,
got passport same day as visa interview & entered into USA same day.

June 15th 2020:
One client attended for J1 visa renewal stamping in Mexico City(Interior location),

Steps to Book Emergency Visa Appointment 

1) Start DS160 with any location in Mexico(preferably above ones), Register Account
2) Pay visa fee (we can help you with that)
3) Book regular visa appointment 1st - whatever available
4) Submit Emergency visa appointment (get it approved within 1-2 days usually)
5) Plan your trip
6) We can help you with accommodation & transportation services in Mexico - so you don't need to worry about anything.

We help with visa fee payments help, accommodation & transportation services in all locations in Mexico.

You can contact us by clicking this Whatsapp Link for further Help (or) send an email

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