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H1B Extension Approved without RFE - May 2019 - Update

💥💥 Sharing My Own(Admin) Approval info 💥💥
H1B extension Approved from California Center without RFE - Non-IT Background working in IT
SOC code - 15-1133
California Center
Extension Approved until 3 years
FTE - 9 years Experience
Premium processing,
Documents Reached on May 3rd 2019
Approved on May 13th 2019

Note : Good Documentation is key that maps your SOC code

☆☆☆Documents submitted ☆☆☆
1)Specialty Occupation supporting document from Expert
If you want to receive "Sample Expert Letter" from that Expert
Task to do) Fill below form.…/1FAIpQLSchubuSNg17IyLHJu…/viewform
2) Letter from Manager (Recent one)- Course Mapping to Job Roles
3) Letter from College Dean ( 2 years Old Doc) - Educational Relevancy for IT based on courses took during Masters
4) Organization Chart
5) Updated resume that maps to the tools, job duties and responsibilities as per SOC code
5) Remaining documents as necessary

As I always say & follow : "Keep Helping others, it will come back to you when you are in need"
Its became true in my case, please keep helping others from your end too

I am more motivated to help others
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