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USCIS Site Visit - Latest Details - March 2019

uscis site visit latest details

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March 13th  2019
This morning USCIS/DHS Officer had visited Client Office for me.
Questions Asked :
1.Who is your employer? How many years are you with your employer?
2.What’s your date of birth?
3.What are your working hours? Do you come to office every day? What are your working hours?
4.Do you have an option of being remote? Do you work remotely? If yes how many days a month?
5.Has any of your employer filled your Immigration Petition(I-140).
6.What’s your pay? Are you getting paid on time?
7.Is there any implementation partner between you and Client?
8.Does everyone at work treat you well.
9.What exactly do you do here? Who is your supervisor?
10.Are you happy with what you are doing in your work?
11.Are there any one reporting to you directly or indirectly?
12.When did you actually start working at this location.
13.What’s your highest education qualification? Is it here on from your home country.
14.What’s your residential address?
15.Are you happy with the pay you are getting?
16.Explain about Client’s business? What do you do to help their business.
Please carry your client id card and your driver’s license along with you. Be confident in the answers you give. Make sure one of your manager is around you so if Officer wants to meet them its going to be quick.
Please remember the dates when your amendment/extension was filled. Please be available in office in person when your Petitions are pending with USCIS.

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